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Communication Services

If you’re looking for a communication services expert witness for your matter, our network of professionals from various communication industries such as mobile, cable, media and entertainment can help. Review this sampling of relevant expert profiles from our network then complete the form to contact our client intake team and review the specifics of your case.

Expert #1
A former Senior Technical Consultant and Wireless Architect, this expert is now the current Senior Manager and Development Lead of a Wi-Fi team at a computer networking equipment company focused on 802.11ax-related products. They have over 15 years of experience with embedded software systems, wireless networking, and product architecture.

Expert #2
Currently the Chief Executive and Founder at a prestigious media group, this expert is a global market technologist and industry analyst. They are well-versed in independent project partnerships, digital advisory and consultancy, as well as industry analyst services focused on global market architecture and deal orchestration through strategic corporate development.

Expert #3
This expert is a Founding Partner and Vice President specializing in providing sales and marketing consulting services. Their areas of expertise are strategic marketing and tactical sales strategy and their firm provides innovative marketing and sales solutions for manufacturers of semiconductors, passives, and electro-mechanical components. They previously held senior-level marketing and sales positions within the electronics industry and has represented and consulted for over forty manufacturers. Additionally, they have managed marketing and sales organizations, strategic account programs, held P&L responsibilities, and developed strategic alliances and M&A activities. Today, they maintain a global network of industry relationships that they are able to use to expand business for suppliers. They have served as an expert witness in a large antitrust matter involving dozens of companies.

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