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Expert Witness Search Services That Help You Win Your Case

We understand that litigators are pulled in many directions during complex litigation. Time constraints can also hinder the ability to execute exhaustive expert searches. At ExpertConnect, we facilitate the search process for you. Our decades-long history of providing expert witness search services, vetting experts across all industry sectors makes us an ideal resource for busy attorneys who seek help from responsive, well-credentialed search professionals.

Our team is comprised of legal professionals who understand the integral role that expert witnesses play in all types of litigation. Because we understand the importance of the expert’s role in litigated matters, we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients engage the best suited experts in each and every search we undertake.

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Our Expert Witness Search Process

At ExpertConnect Litigation Support, we carefully review and vet experts, ensuring that they are the right fit. We have a network of over 125,000 qualified expert witnesses in our database that also consult through our affiliate company, ExpectConnect, LLC., which services hedge funds, mutual funds, investment banks, Fortune 500 Companies, and other professional service firms. Those non-attorney clients provide ExpertConnect with detailed feedback on what our experts actually know.



You will speak with a member of our project intake team to discuss the case facts and brainstorm about the credentials of the “perfect” expert witness.



We conduct exhaustive research utilizing our internal expert witness directory and networks, combined with a thorough and rigorous external search.



Our team of expert recruiters will review and vet candidates. We introduce you to those that are qualified and available, and then arrange for you to interview them.

Our Expert Witness Search Services Span Across Industries

Our network of subject matter experts spans across all industry sectors, ranging from IP to complex economic damages analysis. At ExpertConnect, we have been helping our clients win cases by matching them with the right experts for over 30 years. We maintain one of the broadest and deepest networks of experts in the U.S. We understand that each matter requires a tailored and specific search for the best suited expert. Known for being masters of expert witness search services, we can deliver any type of expertise quickly, efficiently and confidentially.

Our Expert Witness Industries

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use ExpertConnect?
We will leverage our proprietary technology, our extensive network of experts, and dedicated recruitment team to find you the best possible expert for your matter. We do not charge any up front cost to conduct your search, there is no cost until you retain one of our experts.

I did an intake with your team, when can I expect to receive experts?
You can trust that your team is getting started on your project right away. Whatever deadline you may have, we can work with you to get you an expert witness when you need one. We aim to get our clients profiles to review within 48-72 hours.

Why should I make a profile?
We get new matters daily. Once you have created a profile in our expert witness network, we will send you new projects that fall within your area of expertise as they come in.

Do I have to accept projects?
No. You can accept or decline projects at your discretion.

How many projects will I receive?
There is no set number of projects that an expert will receive but we are getting new matters daily and when we have one that fits your expertise, you will receive an invitation.

What happens after I accept a project?
After you accept a project, we will review your project answers and profile information and then send your information to our client for their consideration. If they are interested, we will set up a screening call between the two of you so you can learn more about the project and decide if you’re a good fit.

There are no fees of any kind unless and until you engage one of the expert witnesses we present. Our fees are embedded into the hourly rates of the experts. We are proud of our ability to present world-class experts at competitive and reasonable billing rates.

Discretion and confidentiality are hallmarks of our business. Our staff and recruitment professionals understand the sensitive nature and client expectations involved in expert recruitment and vetting. Our expert witness search services are provided with the utmost discretion to ensure your client’s confidentiality expectations are met and you can rest easy knowing that our professionals will deliver on time and on task to meet your needs.

What Makes Us Different


We Understand Litigation

We understand the integral role that expert witnesses play and have decades of experience working with top attorneys on a wide range of cases that span across industries and geography.

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The Right Experts

The Right Experts

We tailor each project to the particular needs of a case and have a global network of experts who are authorities in all practice areas.

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