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Intellectual Property

If you’re looking for intellectual property expert witnesses for your matter, our network of professionals covers various industries and will help. Review this sampling of relevant expert profiles from our network, then complete the form to contact our client intake team and review the specifics of your case.

Expert #1
A former Senior Technical Consultant and Wireless Architect, this expert is now the current Senior Manager and Development Lead of a Wi-Fi team at a computer networking equipment company focused on 802.11ax-related products. They have over 15 years of experience with embedded software systems, wireless networking, and product architecture.

Expert #2
The inventor of over 50 patents, this expert is the Founder and CEO of a Silicon Valley company that is developing a unique universal wireless power solution for mobile device users. Their experience includes Portfolio Manager of $150 million euros of investments and grants for EU countries, Strategy and Business Development Manager for Lucent Technologies (now Nokia Labs) and Researcher at Bell Laboratories, Jet Propulsion Labs (NASA), and Hughes Research Labs.

Expert #3
This expert is a cardiac surgeon whose expertise includes surgical valve research, cardiac ablation research, myocardial protection/ graft preservation device research, MitraClip, TAVR, LVAD, and cell therapy. They are double board-certified by the American Board Surgery and the American Board of Thoracic Surgery and have participated in basic and clinical research involving cardiac stem cell myocardial regeneration funded by NIH. This surgeon’s areas of surgical expertise include heart failure treatment, general and minimally invasive valve procedures, and CABG and aortic disease treatment.

Expert #4
Having spent over 40 years in the oral hygiene research field, this expert has expertise and experience in product research, development, and formulation scale ups. They developed a mainstream toothpaste for the Western Hemisphere. Additionally, they hold over 20 patents in the field, both domestically and internationally, and have published 4 articles in trade journals. Finally, they were an essential member of the team that was responsible for attaining the ADA and CDA Seal of Approval for this mainstream toothpaste product.

Expert #5
This expert is an engineering expert with technical and business leadership experience. They have consulted for more than 85 industrial clients and their career has encompassed technology and business leadership responsibilities. Worldwide, they have led profitable businesses, engineering, research, development, marketing, manufacturing, testing, and operations. Their innovative product successes have sold for more $500,000,000, including high-purity chemicals, fuels, consumer products, ion exchange resins and membranes, coatings, emulsions, semiconductor fabrication technology, electronic assemblies, video instruments, and engineered systems. They have authored 7 U.S. patents covering fluid purification/separation, electronics, acoustics, membranes, combustion, chemicals, nano-emulsions, fuels, and catalysis.

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