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Consumer Discretionary

If you’re looking for consumer discretionary industry expert witnesses for your matter, our network of professionals from various consumer discretionary industries, including expertise in design and engineering can help. Review this sampling of relevant expert profiles from our network then complete the form to contact our client intake team and review the specifics of your case.

Expert #1
With over 25 years of digital camera research and development experience, this expert has been granted 14 US patents in the areas of camera systems, marquee Kodak digital camera Smart Capture feature, CMOS sensor design, image processing, and user interfaces.

Expert #2
The inventor of over 50 patents, this expert is the Founder and CEO of a Silicon Valley company that is developing a unique universal wireless power solution for mobile device users. Their experience includes Portfolio Manager of $150 million euros of investments and grants for EU countries, Strategy and Business Development Manager for Lucent Technologies (now Nokia Labs) and Researcher at Bell Laboratories, Jet Propulsion Labs (NASA), and Hughes Research Labs.

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